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Celebrities always look flawless, whether it is their hair, makeup or clothes. But, often their most coveted accessory is perfectly golden, glowing skin.

celebrity-worthy glow

While you may not have the time to get that perfect tan or have the team of professional stylists at your disposal, you can incorporate a few additional steps to add a little celebrity flair into your beauty regimen. Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, Kao Brands’ dermatologist and medical director of the Bay Dermatology Centre in Toronto, reveals what celebrities are doing and how you can achieve a gorgeous A-lister inspired glow:

  1. Exfoliate your skin weekly.Most celebrities are getting micro-dermabrasion treatments to keep their skin looking its best. Exfoliating at home two-to-three times a week will keep your skin looking radiant.
  2. Always wash your makeup offbefore you go to bed and use a toner to even out skin tone.
  3. Always wear sunscreento prevent sun damage and wrinkles. Try Jergens natural glow daily facial moisturizer for a natural-looking, gradual looking glow while protecting skin with full-spectrum SPF 20.
  4. Stay hydrated.Tired-looking skin is often caused by dehydration. Ensure that you are drinking six to eight glasses of water, avoid soda and apply moisturizer daily. Choose a moisturizer that has double duty benefits, like Jergens natural glow. It contains vitamin E to keep skin hydrated and a Glow Perfecting complexto gradually add natural looking colour while moisturizing your skin.
  5. Give yourself a mini-facial weekly.Celebrities have the luxury of incorporating facials into their weekly routine. Try a DIY facial by steaming your skin. Soak a clean face cloth in hot water and lemon and drape it over your face. This will help to bring any impurities to the surface and keep skin looking supple, even and clean.

We may not have the perks that celebrities have, but it is possible to achieve flawless-looking skin by incorporating these tips into your daily beauty routine.

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