captain marvel costumes

Marvel’s first female superhero movie “Captain Marvel” did not improve much. The early reputation of the movie was not satisfactory, and it is still not out of the early state after its release. The IMDb score is only 6.0, and a score of 1 accounts for about 27% of the total number of critics. This is unimaginable for domestic and foreign fans, after all Most IMDb ratings come from North America.

Captain Marvel Cosplay

The character has impressed the fans since its development. Since then, there have been many followers. Naturally, there are many fans who like role-playing. The captain marvel costumes in the movie are mainly red and blue shirts, and green shirts. The only thing is her uniform in Star Force, the elite force of the Kerry Planet. The red and blue suits are basically the suits selected by the coser. The following products of the five coser are shared:

1. Oichichan

Oichichan cosplay

I was hesitant when ordering the five versions of the role. Which coser should I put in front? I found that I was still impressed by Oichichan. When the young lady first met, she did n’t think her face value was high, but the facial features of the logo were very attractive . There is no quality feeling in the clothing, but since it can be photographed for everyone’s appreciation, it will certainly not take very rough clothing, and personally think that if this coser is to play the protagonist, the effect may be better than that of Briar Larson.


Samanthas cosplay

The second thing that impressed me was this young lady. When she posted this photo, she also specially added the words “My sword is willing to serve you”, also because of the attractive appearance And from the wording, it can also be seen that its character is lively, the positive effect is still very sufficient, and the quality of the special effects is very high.

3. Maidofmight

Maidofmight cosplay

The younger sister has the highest number of fans in the ins of these five cosers. In comparison, the cosmos has excellent physical characteristics. The captain of this amazing role she plays has some highlights, but it will not make an impression Profound, that is, not as good-looking as the above two. The clothing more restores the image of Carol in the comics, but it is not so thin in the movie.

4. jokerlolibel

jokerlolibel cosplay

This lady’s clothes are the most textured and should be tailored, so the size looks just right, but this coser has a deficiency is the face shape. The face value is the tasteless part of the movie rating, so the face shape of this coser makes me feel bad

5. Jackieonair

Jackieonair cosplay

The positive effect of this young lady is very good. The effects from color grading to clothing are good, and the special effects on the arm are also very delicate. The only shortcoming is this hairstyle. I do n’t know why this coser should do this. The hairstyle is still facing away from the light, so that the focus is only on clothes.
Do you still like the above five cosplays? I sorted them according to their liking. Ms. Oichi is still the most attractive one. I do n’t know which one you prefer.